"This stuff is ridiculous. Somehow half a bottle of mango habanero disappeared overnight! The jam on pita with blue cheese crumbles will change your life!"
- Tony G.

"Everything was so good! and, Yardbarkin shipped to FL! Jam is going on bagels and cream cheese at the beach this weekend! Going to play with the sauces all week long!"
- Richard E.

"All of the goodness sauce has to offer, plus lots of donations to animal welfare groups. You're pretty much my favorite people."
- Kate C.

"Amazing! Love the gift baskets! I appreciate the attention to detail and value. Thanks."
- Mary B.

"Love these jams!! Fantastic! Great for tailgating! Go Utes!"
- Judi A.

"It's all so yummy."
- Danielle B.

"LOVE this local deliciousness!"
- Jess C.

"Cranberry jelly is amazing!"
- Lauren C.

"This stuff I'd absolutely amazing. So much flavor! I have never had a hot sauce that was so great to the palette!"
- Kelli L

"Great flavor without the heat just nice and spicy."
- John D.