We started creating spicy condiments to enjoy and share with our friends when we hosted our first party together over 8 years ago.  Since then, we have married, adopted 3 dogs and 4 cats, and continued creating spicy condiments. Our recipes have been refined over time, with a focus on using the highest quality ingredients we can find and using local purveyors whenever possible.

We’re also avid supporters of animal rescue organizations. With 7 pets to love and care for, we soon came to realize we’d reached peak capacity in our little home. We expanded our efforts to contribute to animal rescues via donating as much time and money as we can to helping rescue animals find forever homes.

Yardbarkin was founded to bring these two passions together. We’re committed to creating the highest quality spicy condiments and donating a portion of all proceeds to animal rescue organizations. Previous Yardbarkin donation recipients include Best Friends Animal Society, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, and We Care. As we continue to grow, we’ll expand the organizations we partner with – stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy our culinary offerings and thank you for joining us in supporting animal rescues!

- Deb Nahvi & Mindy Bridges